I wear bullet-proof vests for no apparent reason other than to create a false sense of importance of which I could never retain on my own.

Thursday Oct 17 10:49pm
Midnight Marauders

is the best album ever.

Sunday Oct 6 11:37pm

“I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was, really … I was alive.”

Monday Sep 30 11:09pm

Wow, Owls! - Your New Favorite Song

Thursday Sep 26 01:08am
Thursday Sep 19 09:11pm
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American Football - The Summer Ends

“Thinking about leaving,
How I should say goodbye?
With a handshake or an embrace
Or a kiss on the cheek, possibly all three”

Sunday Sep 8 09:21am

daily reminder that the umaine tag on tumblr is terrible

Tuesday Sep 3 05:41pm

daily reminder that the university of maine is terrible

Tuesday Sep 3 05:39pm

Sunday Sep 1 11:28pm

Wednesday Aug 7 10:51pm
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